Investment Strategy

CDG Capital Private Equity seeks to partner with quality management teams with a strong track record, a well formulated strategy and the ambition to grow their company.
We typically invest in the capital of companies directly in the equity or through convertible obligations. We can take minority stakes or majority stakes, depending on the transaction and the needs of our partners. While we primarily invest in established companies, we have also provided growth capital to businesses at a relatively early stage of their evolution.
Each situation creates its own transaction. We are here to build a transaction that suits the needs of the existing shareholders and management. We can create a tailor made deal for capital transmission situations or spin-outs as well as situations where companies simply need to strengthen their capital structure.
Below are examples of transactions we can contemplate:


Capital increase, growth equity

Raise new capital to finance growth projects in the company or strengthen the capital base

Leveraged buyout or management buy-out or management buy-in

Acquisition of a company with management through the use of leverage (debt) to finance the purchase

Cash-out, capital transmission

Existing shareholders sell a portion of their ownership to our fund to monetize their stake. In some situations, these transactions are coupled with a capital increase to fund future growth projects of the company


We can assist industrial players in the establishment of a project. We can either jointly acquire a brownfield project or develop a greenfield project together. This can be particularly attractive to foreign institutions looking for a local partner who can assist them in their penetration of a new market

Build Ups

We can help management in acquiring a series of actors to consolidate a fragmented sector and create an industry leader.