Our Team

The investing expertise of our team has been gained from decades of collective experience in private equity, banking, consulting and operations, in some of the world’s most competitive and demanding markets and institutions. Our past experiences and our track record gives us the tools and know-how to analyse each investment opportunity thoroughly. Our team also gathers a unique knowledge and understanding of the SME markets we operate in. This enables us to have access to proprietary dealflow, a deep understanding of how SMEs are run and how to unlock value post investment. The operational and business development expertise of the team members enable us to assist our portfolio companies in achieving sustainable growth and thereby creating value for the shareholders.

As a team, we believe we are capable to help SMEs develop and grow in the fast growing African markets while generating attractive returns for our investors through thorough investment discipline and post investment operational and strategic value add. Our experience and know-how enable us to help local SMEs turn into leaders in their field and become trusted business partners of industry leaders or acquisition targets for international players looking for growth in our region. Our work also helps companies develop ESG credentials and create jobs in their markets, thereby contributing to the development of their regions.