Post Investment Value Add

Our team is very active with its portfolio companies. While we believe the managers we team up with should keep their autonomy for the day-to-day management of the operations, we assist them through mentoring in their management of their companies. We have identified these fours levers to create value for our portfolio companies.

Company Board:

Adopt an active role in the board to provide advice and guidance for the company and maintain a thorough following of the activities. This includes among other things (i) the development of budgets and strategic plans, (ii) the follow through of the performance of the business, the KPIs and raising the right questions when necessary, (iii) the implementation of a financial strategy for the company (balance sheet optimization , working capital discipline and analytical reporting)

HR Policy:

We believe the key ingredient to succeed in our business is to invest in the human capital. Therefore, we focus on assisting management in building a solid and stable team: (i) we start with identifying the areas that need strengthening, (ii) help in finding the right candidates and interview them when necessary and (iii) assist in drafting incentive schemes for the key managers

Business Development:

We leverage the broad experience and the contacts of the team to identify business development ideas for our portfolio companies. We identify growth or partnership opportunities locally as well as abroad. When necessary, we assist management in the negotiation of major contracts (JVs, acquisitions as well as standard commercial contracts).

Portfolio synergies:

We believe in cross-fertilization and invite our managers to meet and interact with previous managers we worked with. We invite employees from some portfolio companies to spend some time with other ones to share best practices


The result of all these actions is value creation in our portfolio companies that can be measured in top line growth and earnings growth.
Our oversight enables us to implement international ESG guidelines that help our portfolio companies create intangible value and a good work environment for their employees.